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Alaska Photos

Posted by Dave Smith On 9/20/2006 02:54:00 PM 0 comments

After the last post, where I was venting some frustrations as I was trying to get the trip underway, one might not know what to expect from me regarding the remainder of the trip. Aside from having very limited internet connectivity - I did manage to break away from the NCEES Annual Meeting to take in some of the excellent scenery - here the only issue was my digital camera, which is getting to be 6 years old, and through various travels is showing signs of wear. I can't complain at all, though - I managed to capture over 200 photos, most of which I was able to upload to Flickr.

Some highlights:

Anchorage - Mt. McKinley - P1010037
Actually being able to see Denali from Anchorage - over 130 miles away!

Iditarod Monument - P1010207
Iditarod monument in downtown Anchorage

Glacial Stream - P1010234
Incredible fall colors in the Kenai Peninsula

Hungry Bull Moose - P1010258
Great wildlife... Bull Moose near Portage

Siberian Yupik Dancers - P1010140
Siberian Yupik dancers from the towns of Savoonga and Gambell, on St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Sea

Sleepy Whale - P1010084
Juvenile Grey Whale Skeleton

Whale Petroglyphs - P1010085
Alutiiq Petroglyphs

Athabaskan Food Store - P1010055
Athabaskan Food Store - this would be up on stilts, with the posts coated with bear grease to make it difficult for animals and other interlopers. The scent of bear grease would also keep the bear away.

Kenai River - P1010246
Campsite with tipi along Kenai Lake - near Cooper Landing

There are plenty more photos in my Alaska 2006 collection on Flickr - click here for my "Alaska 2006" photoset.

Some of the places I went - the Alaska Native Heritage Center, on the Glenn Highway north of Anchorage, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, near Portage, Moose Pass, Sterling, Soldotna...

Some of the other highlights - the food was excellent - I had plenty of native halibut and salmon - grilled, smoked, and prepared many other ways, I did partake in the reindeer sausage and sampled many excellent local beers like Alaskan Amber. On the flight in, one of the bonuses was the incredible view of over a dozen glaciers along the coast, and on the flight out, we were presented with a spectacular view of the Northern Lights.

To anyone who ever has the opportunity to travel to Alaska, I highly recommend it. As with my last trip to Alaska, this one will have a lasting and rewarding memory. As the Inupiaq would do, to Alaska I say quyanaq!

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