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Chemist Position in Las Vegas

Posted by Dave Smith On 11/08/2005 11:32:00 AM 0 comments

If you are a Chemist, and are interested in working in Las Vegas, contact me:

Requisition Number: 615910

Date Posted: 10/27/2005

Job Title: Chemist Sr
Job Class: Scientist


Specific Description

Required Skills: BS degree in chemistry or equivalent scientific field plus a minimum of 8 years "hands on" organic compound GC/MS experience (emphaisis upon VOC analysis) using EPA methods (CLP and/or SW-846) and the preparation of data packages or analytical reports. Instrument maintenance, troubleshooting and minor repair skills/expertise are required. Problem solving skills and the ability to work relatively independenty are also required; the candidate must be capable of periodically working extended early morning, evening and weekend hours in a sometimes stressful mobile lab environment. Clear verbal and written communication skills are required as well as the ability to prepare, review and revise analytical methods or SOPs. Must be able to effectively interact in a professional manner with EPA, state and local authorities and the general public in performing field analysis duties. Experience/expertise using field portable instrumentation and/or performing organic compound field analyses in a mobile lab is highly desirable. Experience or familiarity with environmental analysis applications of MS/MS or MS/MS/MS technology is a major plus. OSHA hazardous waste site worker training and emergency response experience are very desirable. Familarity or expertise/experience with air monitoring and sampling procedures and equipment/instrumentation is also desirable. Project management experience/expertise is also desirable. This is a "hands on" senior organic analysis field chemist for a high profile contract with sophisticated mobile labs in Las Vegas, NV and Edison, NJ. The canididate will maintain, calibrate, troubleshoot and perform minor repair to keep field portable instrumentation and mobile lab equipment and instrumentation in a "road ready" state for time critical use during routine air monitoring projects and emergency response situations. The candidate will primarily perform onsite analysis of air samples for VOCs using a field portable GC/MS system and/or a GC/MS system in a sophisticated mobile lab. The candidate's work activities may also involve the maintenance, operation and use of a triple quadrupole MS/MS/MS system to perform real time monitoring of ambient or indoor air for selected VOCs or inorganic analytes such as chlorine or chlorine dioxide. The candiate will prepare detailed data packages and analytical reports for field analyes or monitoring. The candidate may perform analytical method deveolpment/evaluation and prepare and revise field analysis SOPs. The candidate will be periodically be required to perform project management functions and serve as a task leader for routine field analysis projects or emergency responses. Periodic travel throughout the United States is required, sometimes with little advance notice. The candidate may periodically need to work extended early morning, evening and weekend hours in a sometimes stressful mobile lab environment. Successful completion of 40-hour OSHA hazardous waste site worker training is required.

General Position Description

Conducts exploratory research to produce new knowledge and potential products; conceives, organizes, promotes, and executes ideas and plans to increase chemistry's role in and contribution to the discovery and chemical approaches to meet exploratory objectives in product discovery. Develops research proposals to provide a technically and economically sound basis for developing and evaluating new or improved products, processes, and analytical and physical testing techniques. Reports progress of research work and significance of the results. Recommends utilization of the results or changes in the scope of work or termination of projects.

Typical Minimums

Bachelors degree from an accredited college in a related discipline, or equivalent experience/combined education, with 5 years of professional experience; or 3 years of professional experience with a related Masters degree. Considered career, or journey, level.

Work Location: Las Vegas, NV

Clearance Required: NONE

US Citizen or US Permanent Resident status required

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