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National Environmental Information Exchange Network

Posted by Dave Smith On 4/11/2009 06:54:00 PM 2 comments

Here's another exiting bit of news - my firm is teamed with CGI Federal on USEPA's Software Engineering & Specialized Scientific Support (SES3) Contract, and we just got word that our team has won EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) task. This is very exciting news, CDX and the Exchange Network serve the community via facilitating exchange of a wide variety of environmental data between federal, state, tribal and other partnerships - it is a partnership that has proven itself to be tremendously effective and a great model for other types of data exchanges as well.

What I am particularly excited about is in leveraging the infrastructure that has already been built toward more robustly supporting geodata services, and ultimately toward enhanced reporting, metrics, analytical capabilities, and other capabilities to support feds, states, tribes and others in informed decisionmaking toward environmental policy and stewardship.

As such - we also anticipate we will be looking to grow as a company, and will be looking to hire additional technical gurus with capabilities in data exchange, data management and data flows, particularly if you have prior capabilities and knowledge of EPA's Exchange Network and CDX, and/or geospatial technology.

If you are interested, drop me a line at dsmith (at)

2 Response for the " National Environmental Information Exchange Network "

  1. Thanks for sharing news.

  2. I've been looking for systems with integrated data management capabilities when I found your blog. The data exchange happening within the community you're service really is something. It's environmental data that you were talking about here. Not only does this system help link the members of the community, but also the environment itself. I guess data management systems have a lot of good uses now.

    I've heard of data management systems being able to handle things like an accreditation management system, data archiving, data digitization, and the like. I guess this post just goes to show that data management can indeed help a lot of people and institutions. Oh, I'll share this link to friends, by the way. I hope your team expands even more!