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ESRI DevSummit 07 Blogosphere Wrapup

Posted by Dave Smith On 3/29/2007 04:04:00 PM 1 comments

Though I wasn't able to attend ESRI DevSummit 07, I did get some good feedback - my own people report on the continued push toward web-based GIS and server-based GIS and SOA, with SOAP, REST, JavaScript and AJAX APIs being made available, along with tremendous demand from the .NET developer community.

I also scoured the blogosphere and scavenged together a set of posts and resources - dig through these, as there are copious notes, slides and podcasts to be had.

In no particular order:

Very Spatial 3/28: Dev Summit Overview "VSTV Episode 12":

Very Spatial 3/28: Daily Podcasts:

Very Spatial 3/26: Daily Podcast talking to DevSummit Attendees:

Very Spatial 3/24: Standards and Interoperability Podcast:

Very Spatial 3/23: ArcWeb Services Podcast:

Very Spatial 3/22: ESRI Support Team Podcast:

Very Spatial 3/22: Keynote Session Podcast:

Very Spatial 3/21: Keynote Comments:

Very Spatial 3/21: Gartner Keynote:

Very Spatial 3/20: Plenary Session Podcast:

Very Spatial 3/20: Plenary Part 2:

Very Spatial 3/20: Plenary Session:

Very Spatial 3/18: Preconference Podcast:

Steve's Little World 3/28: On participating in a VS podcast:

Steve's Little World 3/23: Final Day:

Steve's Little World 3/21: GeoDB Replication:

Steve's Little World 3/21: Web Service API to ArcGIS Server:

Steve's Little World 3/21: Turbocharging GeoDB interactions:

Steve's Little World 3/21: .NET and Java SIG:

Steve's Little World 3/21: The Gartner Talk:

Steve's Little World 3/20: Enterprise Applications with the GeoDB:

Steve's Little World 3/20: .NET Mobile ADF:

Steve's Little World 3/20: .NET Engine Application Development:

Steve's Little World 3/20: First Night:

Steve's Little World 3/20: Plenary Session:

ESRI News Feed 3/15: ArcGIS Explorer Best Practices Podcast:

ESRI News Feed 3/14: ArcGIS 9.2 3D Visualization Podcast:

Dot Without A Net 3/24: Dev Summit Day 3 Overview:

Dot Without A Net 3/22: Day 2:

Dot Without A Net 3/22: Day 1:

It Is What It Is 3/25: .NET versus Java:

It Is What It Is 3/21: SQL API and Data Access:

It Is What It Is: 3/21: It's not Crap Anymore:

Rise and Shout 3/29: Developer Summit slides are now available on EDN:

Rise and Shout 3/26: Dev Summit Summary:

Rise and Shout 3/21: Update:

Rise and Shout 3/20: Plenary Session:

Rise and Shout 3/20: Dev Summit:

Rise and Shout 3/19: It's Time:

Dave Bouwman 3/22: Dev Summit Wrapup and SIG presentation:

Dave Bouwman 3/20: Plenary Session:

Dave Bouwman 3/14: Blogger Meetup:

James Fee 3/25: Dev Summit ArcGIS Server Code Challenge Results:

James Fee 3/21: .NET SIG:

James Fee 3/20: Dinner:

The Unofficial ArcBlog 3/25:

The Memory Leak 3/23: Defense SIG:

The Memory Leak 3/21: ArcGIS GeoProcessing:

The Memory Leak 3/21: DevSummit Day 1:

The ArcPad Team: 3/28: On participating in a VS podcast:

The ArcPad Team: 3/22: Hello:

Many thanks and kudos to all who shared with those of us who couldn't be there. I am certain I probably missed a few, but this provides an excellent roundup. Also, there is a post from Directions Magazine 3/22: Directions Magazine didn't attend, but nonetheless deserving special mention - Adena also pulled together an excellent collection of articles and items:

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