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Exploring all aspects of mapping and geography, from field data collection, to mapping and analysis, to integration, applications development and enterprise architecture...

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    Exploring all aspects of mapping and geography, from field data collection, to mapping and analysis, to integration, applications development, enterprise architecture and policy

I just finished reading through Spatial Portals: Gateways to Geographic Information. The book did a great job of presenting some case studies shedding light on how various enterprises have integrated geospatial data and intelligence using portals, along with other architectural solutions. The case studies presented in the book are listed below, along with URLs, technical details on infrastructure, and some of the interesting/unique points I came away with for each:

Geospatial One Stop
I'm sure most of you are familiar with GOS, so I won't go into much extraneous detail...

GeoNorge (Norway)
GeoNorge is built on ESRI's Geospatial Portal Toolkit – ArcIMS 4.01 ArcSDE 8.3 and Oracle 9.2

  • Systematic Organization of Spatial Information (SOSI) standard (Norway)
Transport Direct (UK)
Transport Direct built on ArcIMS, .NET and other technologies
  • Integrated roadway and traveler information for UK

MAPSTER (Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans)
MAPSTER built on ArcIMS using Moxi Media Internet Mapping Framework (IMF) for OpenGIS – Java/JSP

  • Remote access to spatial and tabular data resources
  • Access, integrate and display spatial data in other organizations
  • Create and display data
  • Access OGC Map Services
  • Load and work with own data- GPS, CAD and GIS
  • Spatial search engine

SCAN (South Carolina Assessment Network – Health)
SCAN built on ASP.NET, using ArcIMS, MS SQL Server and ArcSDE, drawing from Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 databases.

  • Analytical capabilities
  • Custom choropleth maps and graphs
  • Complex access controls and MOAs
  • Standards – International Classification of Disease codes, Social Security Administration, National Association of Public Health Statistics and Information, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

12M (US Navy Facilities)
Navy intranet
12M built on Win2k/ ASP, MapObjects IMS, Oracle 8/7, Active Directory

  • Automated harvest of data
  • Automated ETL
  • Web Services

GeoInfo One Stop (Hong Kong)
GeoInfo One Stop (Hong Kong) uses Win2k, .NET, ArcIMS 4.0.1, Java 2, Oracle 9i, ArcSDE 8.3

  • Integrated permitting and other workflows

Shell Portal (Oil Exploration)
Shell intranet
Shell Portal built using ArcIMS, SAP, ArcSDE, Oracle Spatial

  • United Nations iMaps
  • Geography Network
  • Federated Search
  • Clear data responsibilities
  • Validation, authoritative databases

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